Our Strategy and Vision

Belo Power Ltd Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be an organization that is innovative, and a leader in identifying and adapting new techniques and technologies for our customers with a passion for excellence in every activity we conduct

Our Mission

To Supply and build what matters.
Whether that's your next construction project or your career, we do it by following our beliefs — that relationships matter, a people driven company is key, finding a better way is possible, and the long term counts.

Our Core Values

Excellence in Core Competence.

Business Goals and Objectives

Electrical energy is a cornerstone of our quality of life. There will be a continuing need for products and services to harness its use. Belo Power Company strivesto become a modern world class integrated power equipment Supplier and Contracting company, committed to powering Tanzania's growth on all fronts by maximizing our efforts and by proper planning and implementing of Power projects.

Growth Strategy

Our Growth is to be the best and affordable Electrical Contractors in Tanzania in the short term and to generate and Sell power in the medium and long term.


BELO POWER LTD was incorporated on 28th January 2016 in Dar esSalaam Tanzania, primarily for the purpose of providing Electrical Power engineering through Equipment Supply and Electrical Power Systems Construction in Tanzania and beyond the boarders.

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Telephone: +255 784 905 096
Email: info@belopower.co.tz
Address: Kurasini Tom Estate No. 42
P.o.Box 50196 Dar es Salaam - Tanzania