Selling of Electrical Power System Equipments

Belo accomplishes its mission through active, effective, and organized marketing and technical programs, and related activities by focusing on all Electrical Power System Equipments.

Electrical Power System Contractors

We provide preconstruction planning, general contracting, construction management, integrated project delivery, and design-build services for both large and small projects with complex challenges.

Energy Conservation and Audit

Energy audit is the systematic translation of energy conservation ideas in to feasible solutions in a attempt to reduce energy consumption.


BELO Power is a group of skilled and experienced professionals who combine an understanding of effective Power systems and technology with local experience and awareness of the operating environment, thereby being able to deliver integrated solutions that can contribute to achieving the goals of the customer.

We are dedicated to developing long-term partnerships with our customer base by providing strategic solutions, technology support and a very high level of communication. We are also dedicated to developing real partnerships with our industry vendor base and agent network. We maintain a friendly, fair and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas and hard work.

Key Areas of Practice

  • a). Selling of electrical Power System Equipment
  • b). Electrical Power System Contractors
  • i. Specialized High Voltage Contractors
    ii. Building of Power Stations and Sub Stations
    iii. Domestic and Industrial Electrical Contractors
  • c). Maintenance of Electrical Power Systems and Equipment


BELO POWER LTD was incorporated on 28th January 2016 in Dar esSalaam Tanzania, primarily for the purpose of providing Electrical Power engineering through Equipment Supply and Electrical Power Systems Construction in Tanzania and beyond the boarders.

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Address: Kurasini Tom Estate No. 42
P.o.Box 50196 Dar es Salaam - Tanzania